Voici les leçons que j'ai créées sur l'Afrique francophone. Après les études proposées dans les leçons, les élèves ont préparé et exposé leur premier musée en 2008.
Francophone Africa:

French Revolution and Napoleon:

Proposed 2010 Student-Created Museum: WWII France
Note that these plans date back to 2005 and will be updated and changed over the course of this school year. However, it is hoped that you will find these lessons to be a good starting point for developing your own lessons on this aspect of French history.

Resource wiki for WWII unit.

Research Questions

Students will use Research Questions (Essential Questions) to explore their topic in-depth. Based on their findings, they will collect, organize, analyze and evaluate data, leading ultimately to a refined set of information, quotes, artifacts and other products related to their research topic that they want to include in their museum exhibit.

Well-defined research questions are:
  • Intellectually rich
  • Challenging
  • Constructive
  • Central to the core of the larger theme of the museum/topic of study
  • Realistic
  • Cogent to contemporary society
  • Deep, rather than surface-level
Here's what Project Based Learning.org says about research questions (called "driving questions" in their Web Site).